Donkey hide, Lamb skin and Cow skin
2016-04-06 19:52

Now a days, many Chinese are out searching for resources, like Donkey skin/hide, Lamb skin and Cow Skin. They are doing whatever takes. It looks like that they are daring for all opportunities, whether it is legal or illegal. That really causes trouble for themselves or the impression on Chinese.

We had experienced one situation, one Chinese who entered the countryside to gather donkey skin. But he does not know if the supplier got his donkey skin legal or illegal. It found out that his supplier was stealing other person’s donkey hide to give to him. He then be caught by police and asked him to get back the stolen product. His passport and SUV was seized by the police. He has to face fine and return the goods value. He could not leave until he repays the goods.

Another group of people was harvesting donkey skin and meat in a Muslim country without proper involvement of the government. That causes their goods are seized and not allowed to leave. The message we are getting is that we will have to follow the law of the country and be sensitive to the culture of the people.

What we do in SKI is to follow foreign country’s law and regulations. Our foreign subsidiaries are working to get licenses to be able to trade and ship legally on Donkey skin and other products. We have advantages in sourcing in many african countries. We can supply Donkey skin, Lambskin and caw skin. For more information, write to

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