SKI Manager Gaven Guan started his Guinea Bissau Assignment
2016-02-19 10:16

After Chinese New Year on first working day, SKI Manager Gaven Guan started his first flight to Africa. He will stay in Guinea Bissau for a month to supervise the peanut shipments.

SKI has operation in Senegal and Guinea Bissau on Peanut shipments. In order for smooth operation and good quality control, it was decided that Gaven would come to Guinea Bissau to help Bright Benjamin, General Manager of the SKI Bissau, SARL, the subsidiary of the Shanghai Kartagina International.

For his first oversea’s assignment, Gaven found the general condition in Guinea Bissau were greatly different than China. He discovered many things unbelievable and unthinkable in the country side of Guinea Bissau.  “This is a way for a young man to live the way his parents lived in 1980 era in China. Africa is 30 years behind of China.”, said Jim Cao, General Manager of Shanghai Kartagina International.  Africa is less developed and need a lot of improvement. We are here to work with them to advance their trade with the world. “Unlike Europeans, China brings the world to Africa”, said Goddy Wind, one of our team member and owner of a hotel and restaurant. We are happy to see African’s own view praising China’s effort into Africa.

Gaven will stay in Guinea Bissau for a month. We wish Gaven’s assignment a success.

Guinea Bissau Team

Guinea Bissau Team

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