Investment and trade in Cameroon
2015-11-29 13:08

Jim Cao, the General Manager of Shanghai Kartagina International, has begun his third trip to Cameroon this year. The purpose of the trip is to evaluate the opportunity of investment project together with 2 investors and trade exploration.

Transportation is in need in Cameroon and the currently the intercity transportation is considered. A Chinese company is building the highway in Cameroon linking Yaounde and Douala and will be finished in 2 years. Intercity bus services exists but with limited capacity. So the investors are coming to see if there is any opportunities to help the transportation situation. There are other opportunities in Cameroon as real estate business in great demand.  Shanghai Kartagina International as the investment consultant will trying to bring investors into the countries.

We has shipped our SKI brand of motorcycle to Cameroon. It has good feedback. We will continue to push our brand of product into Africa countries.


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