Invest in Africa
2015-10-24 21:33

“Africa is a land to be developed and there are so many projects which need a lot of investors to participate”, said Jim Cao, General Manager of Shanghai Kartagina International. Jim has been on Africa tour in business development both in trade and in investment. Ghana and Nigeria really impressed him. “In Ghana, we sit and discussed with the big man for all government projects, Managing Director Atongo of A.E.S.L of Ghana, on projects on roads, airport, housing, shopping malls, you name it. All available for real investors coming to grab”. “In Nigeria, especially capital city Abuja, there are construction cranes everywhere”. Jim is very impressed in the opportunities available for serious investors. After taking two investors to Cameroon and Nigeria, he wants to organize another trip to Ghana and other countries pretty soon. He just about finish one month tour in several countries in Africa and half of the time was in Ghana. He sees great potential in bringing investors to Ghana and Nigeria to catch the big wave of construction in housing and infrastructure projects.


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