LAN, Switchboard, Coaxial, Power Cables
LAN, Switchboard, Coaxial, Power Cables


Origin: China

Payment: T/T L/C

Product Name: LAN Cables

Supply Ability: 10000km

Target Country:World

Product details



Main technical Specification

The products include:

Unshielded Twisted Pair Category 5e/6 cable, Foiled-shielding Twisted Pair Category 5e/6, Foiled-Braised Shielding Twisted Pair Category 5e/6 cable, Enhanced Category 5e/6 Cable, Stranded Copper UTP/FTP/SFTP Bulk cables

All switchboard cables.

All Coaxial Cables

All Power Cables

1. Application: Applied for integrated cabling systems

2. Standard: According to ANSI/TIE/EIA-568-B2, ISO11801, IEC61156

Features and Benefits for Twisted Pair Cables

1. Rated temperature: 75 degree C

2. Frequency: Up to 155MHz

3. Transmission rate: Up to 250 MB/s

4. Flammability Characteristics: Meet with CM Grade IEC 60332

5. Flame Retardant PVC or LSZH jacket available


Standard roll size in a box



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